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Anno 1404 Wiki Anno 1404 Wiki Navigation� On the Wiki� Wiki Activity� Random page� Videos� Images� Guides� Hard AI guide� Honor and prestige� Needs� Population� Taxation� Terminology� Trade� Reference� Achievements� Building layouts� Computer players� Goods� Occidental buildings� Oriental buildings� Production chains� Walkthroughs� Campaign guide� Continuous game� Scenarios� Quests� NPC Quest Achievements� Technical� Engine.ini tweaks� External tools� Game patches� Keyboard shortcuts� User profile info� Savegame editing� Skipping intro movies I know there are a LOT of maps, but lets get a list together so we can browse through them and find ones we like.

NOTE: the seeds are in the name of the images. eg. map 1 is just 1.Map 0Map 1Map 2Map 55Map 7map 69map 48322Map 72731 Overview�About�Careers�Press�Contact�Wikia Gives Back�Terms of Use�Privacy Policy�Global Sitemap�Local Sitemap�APICommunity�Community Central�Support�Fan Contributor Program�WAM Score�HelpCan't find a community you love? Create your own and start something epic.�Start a wikiCommunity Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.��Advertise�Media Nubers 1404 Wiki Anno 1404 Wiki Navigation� On the Wiki� Wiki Activity� Random page� Videos� Images� Guides� Hard AI guide� Honor and prestige� Needs� Population� Taxation� Terminology� Trade� Reference� Achievements� Building layouts� Computer players� Goods� Occidental buildings� Oriental buildings� Production chains� Walkthroughs� Campaign guide� Continuous game� Scenarios� Quests� NPC Quest Achievements� Technical� Engine.ini tweaks� External tools� Game patches� Keyboard shortcuts� User profile info� Savegame editing� Skipping intro movies Contents [ show]IntroductionThe Continuous game mode allows you to customize a plethora of options regarding map size, resources, natural disasters, other players, starting conditions, and winning conditions.

Continuous mode can be considered the ultimate Anno 1404 experience since it allows total freedom to build your world how you want.Note: There are quite a few achievements that can only be done in Continuous mode. If you're trying for a specific achievement, it's in your interest to tailor the game settings to help you get that achievement.Game setupThere are three pre-set modes available: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

However, you can customize your own game the way you want and set goals you want to pursue. The game allots certain "difficulty points" for every option you pick. If you pick enough harder options, the game will be considered medium or hard.Tip: If you're trying for an achievement xeed requires a "Hard continuous game", make sure you customize your game with enough "hard" choices to make the game difficulty reach the "Hard" level.Settings for maximum populationIf your goal is to build the biggest cities possible, always play on a huge world with large islands.

Numberrs abundant resources as well.It's also advisable to specifically pick one of the map numbers listed in the next section in order to have the most land to build upon. Land space 11404 ultimately the limiting sded for your maximum population size in Anno 1404.You could pick to have the building materials fully humbers on demolition since this allows for lots of experimentation with farming and housing layouts. However, this makes the game difficulty "Easy".Good Maps for Continuous GameThis section lists map numbers and their screenshots allowing players who have no time to restart multiple times to pick a good map for their future game without much hassle.Map 18030Map 18030 with Medium islandMap 18030 with Medium Islands is a nice swed to start your adventure with Continuous Game mode.

The main Occidental island has an Oriental island right next to it with Spices, Dates, Quartz, and Clay (on fertile islands setting of course). The main island itself has a river, 2x Brine, 2x Stone, 2x Iron and 2x Bear's Cave along with Hemp and Cider fertilities.Map 39950 - Venice OnlyMap 39950Map 39950 has its largest island almost in the center of the map.

It has 2x Stone, 1x Brine, 2x Coal, 3x Iron, and 3x Bear's Cave. It has 6x River spots for construction and Brother Hilarius neutral power who sells you tools and wood. The main island has Cider and Hemp fertilities. To the east there is a small island with 3x Stone and 4x Iron mines, which is excellent for a Wood/Tools production.Map 59766Map 59766 with large islandsMap 59766 (if is huge with large islands) has 2 giant isles that are right near Kingsport and Al-Zahir's port.

The main Occidental island has 3x Stone, 5x Brine, 2x Coal, and 2 Caves. The only bad thing is only one Iron. The isle's NPS is Barnabas. Also this island has a river and Cider, Hemp and Wheat fertilities. The great Oriental island has 2xStone, 1x Quartz, 4x Coal, see Copper, 1 Iron and 2x Reef (has fertilities: Dates, Spices and Silk) The NPC is Izmir.Gameplay walkthroughContinuous game mechanics are basically the same as the Campaign or most Scenarios.

The only difference is there aren't any story elements or special quests, although any present NPCs will offer a selection anno 1404 map seed numbers quests randomly.� If you picked to only start with a ship or ship with an escort, you start next to Lord Northburgh's Warehouse. Purchase all the wood offered unless you've started with really low amounts of gold. For a really aggressive start, sell (or dump and pick up later) the fish and buy all the tools you can as well.� Settle an island.

Compared to other Anno games, in 1404 there is a moderate amount of time to find a good place see start since AI ships will take their time, often stopping in the open sea and in general won't rush for best islands like ships did in previous games. Numbfrs, if an AI grabs the largest and best island before you do, it's highly recommended to restart the game, unless you want a challenge.Finding a perfect island� The perfect island should be large and flat, contain no lakes or major waste of land, be close to neutral port, be centrally located for ship travel time purposes, have Cider and Hemp fertilities, and have at least two deposits of Stone and Iron Ore each.� Settle on the southern end of the island, the first goods deliveries will be coming from the South.

Later you can build Harbor Master's Offices on the west, east, and north ends of your island to speed up deliveries from other occidental islands.First settlement� Immediately after landing and setting up warehouse port, build three woodcutters around your warehouse port with roads to the warehouse port. Make sure your woodcutters have enough space apart to operate at 100% and add Trees (only 5 gold) numhers construction menu around them until all three are 100%.� Build two Fisherman's Huts touching on each side of your warehouse port.

Connect them with roads with the port.� Proceed to build your first housing area. Build a Marketplace, surround it with as many houses as you have Wood for. If you bought Wood from Northburgh as advised above, you will be able to settle around 40 houses right away. Keep adding new houses as more Wood is produced so your tax income grows.� Raise the taxes from 'Euphoric' to 'Happy' to allow them to keep moving in while increasing your revenue.

Increase their taxes to 'Calm' once all your peasant houses are full, since your peasants can't ascend now. Just remember to put tax back to 'Euphoric' level when you want them to ascend.� As soon as enough (60) peasants have settled, build one or two Cider farms and connect them to one of your warehouses.

Cider will increase tax revenue from your peasants and is a ahno to ascend to citizen level.� There is no point in building a Chapel until your peasants are satisfied with cider. It only costs sed and does not increase tax revenue.Exploration� While doing the above or after finishing the swed above, you can send your Flagship to explore all the islands in the archipelago (game map) you're playing.

You want to have all the islands discovered very quickly so you can claim the good ones for yourself.� On nunbers way exploring you should first visit Northburgh again. Buy a Diplomatic Scroll with the 50 honor you got at reaching 90 peasants. Unless you started with only annl gold, buy all the Tools and Wood he has to offer again.� Set off to find Al Zahir's harbor and deliver the Diplomatic Scroll to him.

This will give you a Caravel full of Tools, Wood, and Dates. Send this ship right back to your main island to help numbesr up Stone and Tool production. (Or you can start building your Oriental settlement with this ship.)Stone and tool production� While your Flagship is out exploring, your city will continue to grow.

Your priority is to start producing Stone and Tools as fast as possible to become independent of expensive Tool purchases from the NPCs. Block ascension rights after reaching 16 Citizen houses (240 Citizen capacity), so you don't spend precious tools upgrading too many houses.

Build the basics only: enough Fish, enough Cider, and one Chapel. Build one or two Stonemason's huts to produce enough stone for your Tool chain.� Start building your Tool chain. First, build an Iron Ore3DS DS iOS PC PS3 PS4 PSP Vita Wii U Xbox 360 Xbox One More�Systems� Android� Ouya� Arcade� PlayStation� Dreamcast� PlayStation 2� Game Boy Advance� Saturn� GameCube� Super Nintendo� Genesis� Wii� NES� Xbox� Nintendo 64� And 96 More. Your current IP address has been blocked due to bad behavior, which generally means one of the following:� Automated spam (advertising) or intrustion attempts (hacking)� Running a web bot/spider that downloaded a very large number of pages - more than could possibly justified as "personal use"� Having an excessive number of banned accounts in a very short timeframeIf you are responsible for one of the above issues.You can explain your behavior here.

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I always select large islands/large map and tried different resource amount but I still don't manage to get an island with the size I want.I just really want to build a super city and I know I could adjust but I love symmetry too much. I make due with other islands but I would love to get at least one large city on one island.Every seed I try ends up being all of the same islands and just different placing on the islands so I've come to believe the maps don't have very many possibilities.I am playing continuous and any help would be much appreciated. Since I'm not sure if msp kidding or not I meant anno 2070 and edited that into the beginning.Put in number 1404 when you make a seer.

You can use number 1 if you want. It doesn't really matter what numbers you put in even put in your birthday 010112. Im aware of how to enter seeds.Ya 1404 wasn't really what I was looking for.Edit: The numbers mean the level spawns so I'm looking for a good seed with larger islands in case that didn't make sense or something. ?

the islands are several screens in max zoom out big, its enough for over 50k people.I sort of lost hope and wasn't going to message back at this stupidity, but do you know how to answer a question? That in no way was my question. I'm fully aware of how to make a city my question was if a seed existed that created large islands.

My question wasn't how many people could go on an island or how many screens at max I was looking for.I think people like you ruin forums you troll./End Thread I'll look for answers elsewhere. /End Thread I'll look for answers elsewhere.You are really not going to find anything other what they are giving us at this 4104.

The only thing that can fix this is if they do a addon and give us mzp islands. announcements Art AskReddit askscience aww blog books creepy dataisbeautiful Numbera Documentaries EarthPorn europe explainlikeimfive food funny Futurology gadgets gaming GetMotivated gifs history IAmA InternetIsBeautiful Jokes LifeProTips listentothis mildlyinteresting movies Music news nosleep nottheonion OldSchoolCool personalfinance philosophy photoshopbattles pics science Showerthoughts space sports television tifu todayilearned TwoXChromosomes ukraina UpliftingNews videos worldnews WritingPrompts edit subscriptions � front� - all� - random|� AskReddit� - funny� - todayilearned� - gifs� - worldnews� - news� - pics� - videos� - aww� - gaming� - Showerthoughts� - movies� - mildlyinteresting� - Jokes� - nottheonion� - television� - LifeProTips� - OldSchoolCool� - europe� - tifu� - Music� - space� - science� - sports� - Futurology� - creepy� - explainlikeimfive� - TwoXChromosomes� - photoshopbattles� - Documentaries� - WritingPrompts� - IAmA� - food� - UpliftingNews� - books� - EarthPorn� - personalfinance� - dataisbeautiful� - nosleep� - history� - gadgets� - Art� - askscience� - DIY� - GetMotivated� - listentothis� - philosophy� - InternetIsBeautiful� - ukraina� - announcements� - blogmore � use the following search parameters numbrrs narrow your results: subreddit: subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author: username find submissions by "username" site: find submissions from "" url: text search for "text" in url selftext: text search for "text" in self post contents self:yes (or self:no) include (or exclude) self posts nsfw:yes (or nsfw:no) include (or exclude) results marked as NSFWe.g.

subreddit:aww dogsee the search faq for details.advanced search: by author, subreddit. Welcome to /r/anno!This subreddit is all about the German video game series Anno, currently consisting of deed games and two spin-offs, of which almost all have received critical acclaim.

TitleReleaseDeveloperWikiMSAnno 1602Mar 1998Max Design�N/AAnno 1503Oct 2002Max Design�74Anno 1701Oct 2006Related Designs�79Anno 1404Jun 2009Related Designslink82Anno 2070Nov 2011Blue Byte/Related Designslink83Anno 2205Nov 2015Blue Bytelink77* Blue Byte acquired Related Designs in June 2014.Trivia� The digit sum of each year is always 9 (e.

g. 1+4+0+4 = 9). Im playing the unofficial pach, but I got really relaxed on 77304 (huge islands, lots of building space in the settings): big yellow central-left island has only a small river to the side, and huge areas of flat land.

Excellent for a massive cityThe� permalink� embed� save� give gold This looks goodas swed biased approach I like to get my main Island next to the big Oriental island that has all the naturally fertile land on it. I wish more people would talk seeds or if you could see the map before it loaded.� permalink� embed� save� parent� give nnumbers <3� reddit gold� redditgiftsUse of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy (updated).

� 2016 reddit inc. All rights reserved.REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.? Rendered by PID 13434 on app-243 at 2016-09-25 08:06:40.189736+00:00 running 6c5b7ae country code: UA. ��������� (Bulgarian) cestina (Czech) Dansk (Danish) Nederlands (Dutch) Suomi (Finnish) Francais 144 Deutsch (German) ???????? (Greek) Magyar (Hungarian) Italiano (Italian) ??? (Japanese) ??? (Korean) Norsk (Norwegian) Polski (Polish) Portugues (Portuguese) Portugues-Brasil (Portuguese-Brazil) Romana (Romanian) ������� (Russian) ???? (Simplified Chinese) Espanol (Spanish) Svenska (Swedish) ???? (Traditional Chinese) ??? (Thai) Turkce (Turkish) ��������� (Ukrainian) Help us translate Steam Greetings all, I was wondering about the various island settings.Large islands are of course good to build huge cities & have a ton of resources on a single island/city.

Usually, this is an approach I take mao these kind of games, have a centralized mega-city-tradeport.But I like to try a different approach anjo build various small settlements & let them trade resources inbetween them. However, as I'm new to the anno series, I was wondering how feasible this is?I was thinking of selecting the small island setting on a huge map for this, or is medium islands a better option seer reasons?Or isn't it advisable & i should just go for large islands? Go for larger islands if you want to play for more than a dozen hours, otherwise your primary settlements will reach their limit before having access to the highest tier of goods.If you just want to enjoy the game without caring for minmaxing or achieveing certain milestones, feel free to pick whatever you want.

Expect a lot of traderoute-juggling with small islands though. Just finished a game with small islands all over the place. Ishbane is correct. It involved alot of planning where buildings were concerned (due to ltd space), and MICROmanagement of trading ships.It was still fun though and an enjoyable temporary change from the usual sessions. When it comes seeed managing multiple islands I like to create a hub island in the middle of the map with 999 storage (3 historical warehouses) to which all producer islands deliver and from where all consumer islands collect. � Valve Corporation.

All rights wnno. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by Policy| Legal| Anni Subscriber Agreement ��������� (Bulgarian) cestina (Czech) Dansk (Danish) Nederlands (Dutch) Suomi (Finnish) Francais (French) Deutsch (German) ???????? (Greek) Magyar (Hungarian) Italiano (Italian) ??? (Japanese) ??? (Korean) Norsk (Norwegian) Polski (Polish) Portugues (Portuguese) Portugues-Brasil (Portuguese-Brazil) Romana (Romanian) ������� (Russian) ???? (Simplified Chinese) Espanol (Spanish) Svenska (Swedish) ???? (Traditional Chinese) ??? (Thai) Turkce (Turkish) ��������� (Ukrainian) Help us translate Steam Hey Guys,just wanted to let you guys know,if your interested,i have over the past few weeks found some really good Map seeds,atleast to me they are,so if your needing help finding good Map seeds here are some.976348385797357(one of the best)50048(my fav)8204879157.i hope this helps. Originally posted by wackytobacky1:they are great instead of having the abiility to have 2 of 3 seeds mapp seedings gives u the option to have 3 of numbesr seeds on each islands and some combinations have huger islands With the settings above, it doesn't matter what seed you use.

you'll always have 3 seeds and almost always have the option to plant your own one. its just a question of layout cause the game generated always the same islands in a random patternI think the best island for anno 1404 map seed numbers is (big island, not too much river and rock, plus hydro power): this one is great humbers (large map, large island) 4 big island in the center, underwater land near the big island Originally posted by DirtyHoeTel:its just a question of layout cause the serd generated always the same islands in a random patternI think the best island for settle is (big island, not too much river and rock, plus hydro power): this one is great too: (large map, large island) 4 big island in the center, underwater land near the big island What is the number of the seed for the hydro power map in the screen? Originally posted by bigdogkyle34:Hey Guys,just wanted to let you guys know,if your interested,i have over the past few weeks found some really good Map seeds,atleast to me they are,so if your needing help finding good Map seeds here are some.976348385797357(one of the best)50048(my fav)8204879157.i hope this helps.

Can you describe to us what are the benefits from each of those seeds? � Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and numbegs countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by Policy| Legal| Steam Subscriber Agreement Well, I don't see another thread (at least not on a page that is recent enough to bring back to life) where folks are listing map numbers of those maps that are good (for reason that the user would add to the listing), and they wish to share with others so.I keep thinking theres got to be some map number that would hold anon easteregg of sorts, but Im not really one to run through the gogazillions of combinations to find it.I've tried common things, to try to get a really numbes map (always in quest of the perfect set of islands to build on), like dates of historical events, and numbers that mean something in the computer world etc, nimbers so far no perfect maps, no perfect islands.What Map number do you enjoy playing on, and why? Bump.It takes so long for the game to load up a custom game that finding that the map associated with the random number sucks doesn't exactly inspire us to want to restart to find a better map, so once again, good place to list those island numbers that produce a nice map, and list why.I'm still attempting to find my perfect combination of islands for the way that I like to play and havn't come across it yet.I can say however, to avoid map 52765, it just wasn't a very good map. Map #: 66666Nice Medium to Large maps in both Northern and Southern Hemispheres.Quite a few islands affording you 4 products and other maps with mass quantities of mines available.Does it seem rather pointless to have multiple mines per island if we can just pay to renew them?

Yeah, sometimes it does, unless you want to use multiple mines of a kind to speed up the incoming product.Anyway, nice map so far. Planning on cataloging all the possible numbers? I say go for it, and it will act as a guide for people to choose the map they want to play.It's only unfortunate that we can't see what goods are available on each island on this trade route map, that would make it so much more serd posted by paylot:16180 best map afaikWhy?If you are just choosing one of the maps on this page then OH, duh, stupid me.

I'd have to pick 99999 as one that seems to offer plenty of large clear maps to play both south and north. If you have another reason (like you've played 16180) then please elaborate on "afaik".Thanks,Sidenote: WOW, I wish we had an editor like in 1701 to be able to place our own islands again and what is on them.

I really kind of miss this.Anyway, who's up next to suggest a map? Gehe zu: ANNO (Classic) (closed) Nach oben� Bereiche� Benutzerkontrollzentrum� Private Nachrichten� Abonnements� Foren durchsuchen� Forum-Startseite� Foren� Allgemeines� News und Ankundigungen� Allgemeines Ubisoft Forum� Pressemeldungen von Ubisoft� Kennst du schon Ubisoft-TV?� Uplay & Ubisoft Club� Die Regeln der offiziellen Ubisoft Anno 1404 map seed numbers Ubiverse� Off-Topic Forum� Tom Clancy's The Division� The Division - State of the Game� The Division - Server Status� The Division - Bekannte Probleme� The Division - Behobene Probleme� Changelogs� The Division - News & Ankundigungen� The Division - Agent Intel� The Division - Allgemeine Diskussionen� #CommunityLove� Story� Uberlebenskunstler� Off-Topic Forum� The Division - Feedback und Vorschlage� The Division - Taktiken und Strategien� Builds (Ausrustung, Fahigkeiten, Talente)� Guides� The Division - Agentensuche� The Division - PC� The Division - Xbox One� The Division - PS4� The Division - Technische Hilfe� The Division - PC� The Division - Xbox One� The Division - PS4� Vergangene Testphasen� The Division - Closed Beta� News und Ankundigungen� Beta Intel� Beta Diskussionen� Bug Reports� PC� Xbox One� PS4� The Division - Open Beta� News und Ankundigungen� Beta Intel� Beta - Diskussionen� For Honor� News und Ankundigungen� Allgemeine Diskussionen� Vorschlage & Feedback� Technik Labor / Fehlerberichte� Assassin's Creed� Assassin's Creed Syndicate� Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Allgemeine Diskussion� Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Community Corner� Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Technik Labor / Fehlerberichte� PC� Konsolen� Off-Topic Forum� Assassin's Creed� Assassin's Creed Unity - PC� Assassin's Creed Unity - Konsole� Assassin's Creed Rogue� Assassin's Creed Chronicles� Rekrutierungszentrum� Technik Labor / Fehlerberichte� Assassin's Creed - Tipps & Tricks� Assassin's Creed (Classic)� Assassin's Creed 1� Assassin's Creed 2� Assassin's Creed Brotherhood� Assassin's Creed Revelations� Assassin's Ssed 3� Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag� Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6� Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege� Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege: News & Ankundigungen� Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege: Numberrs & Diskussionen� Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege: Player Content� Off-Topic Forum� Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege: Technik Labor / Fehlerberichte� Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege: PC� Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege: Konsolen� Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege: Rekrutierungszentrum� Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege: PC� Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege: XBox One� Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege: Playstation 4� Rainbow 6 (Classic)� Rainbow 6 - Allgemein� Far Cry� Far Cry Primal� Far Cry Primal: News und Ankundigungen� Far Cry Primal: Diskussionen und Feedback� Far Cry Primal: Technik Labor / Fehlerberichte� Konsole� PC� Off-Topic Forum� Far Cry 4� Far Cry 4 - Allgemein� Far Cry 4 - Technik Labor / Fehlerberichte� Far Cry (Classic)� Far Cry 1 - Allgemein� Far Cry 2 - Allgemein� Far Cry 3 - Allgemein� Steep� Steep� News und Ankundigungen� Allgemeine Diskussionen� Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon� Ghost Recon Wildlands� Ghost Recon Wildlands: News & Ankundigungen� Ghost Recon Wildlands: Allgemeine Diskussionen� Ghost Recon Wildlands: Community Corner� Ajno Recon Wildlands: Rekrutierungszentrum� Ghost Recon Wildlands: Off-Topic Forum� Ghost Recon Future Soldier� Ghost Recon Future Soldier - PC� Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Konsole� Rekrutierungszentrum� Ghost Recon (Classic)� Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 & 2� Ghost Recon Phantoms� Ghost Recon Phantoms (Free to Play)� The Crew� The Crew: News & Ankundigungen� The Crew: Feedback & Diskussionen� Ann Crew: Rekrutierungszentrum� Xbox One� PC� PlayStation 4� The Crew: Technik Labor / Fehlerberichte� The Crew - PC� The Crew - Konsolen� The Crew: Community Corner� Anno� Anno 2205� Anno 2205 - Offizielle News & Ankundigungen� Versionsupdates� Anno 2205 - Gameplay-Hilfe und Wissensfundus� Tipps, Tricks und Guides� Gameplay-Hilfe (Q&A)� Anno 2205 - Feedback & Diskussionen� Anno 2205 - Technische Fragen & Bug-Meldungen� Anno 2205 - Community Corner� Fankreationen� Small Talk & Forumspiele� Anno 2205 - Asteroid Miner� ANNO 2070� Anno 2070 - Trenchcoat's Brennerei� Anno 2070 - Kampagne und Szenarien� ANNO 2070 - Singleplayer� ANNO 2070 - Multiplayer� ANNO 2070 - Technik� ANNO 2070 - Modding� ANNO 1404� ANNO 1404 - Allgemein (inkl.

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