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Denon dp 23f service manual

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I'm acquiring one of these for small $$ this weekend. Seems to be a well taken care of, one owner table.From what I've been able to learn -� It was introduced in 1985� Has quartz direct drive using a magnetic strip on the platter� Full auto� Uses some kind of funky electronic VTF set with a dial on the plinth� Decent qualityI could spend $20 or so on a service manual.

Has anyone been inside one of these, have any tips, etc?Thanks :thmbsp: Not sure if you have the owner's manual, but it is at VE: have to become a member (free) to download it. You might also want to go to the "Digital Docs" forum and request a SM there.Good luck! The Denon DP-23F looks to be pretty good, judging by the specifications. It could maybe be compared to the mid-price Technics direct drives, which weren�t as good as the SL-1200, but were competent performers in their own right.

The DP-23F is similar in that it�s not built in such a heavy cabinet as Denon�s top-end models, which were among the best available from any manufacturer, but it has had some of their DNA flow through to it. Because Denon and Columbia Records (now owned by Sony) were the same company, they used to take plenty of care with their turntables, and as a result, their turntables were very highly thought of.The best thing about it is the �funky tonearm�, which uses servo-controlled electronic damping.

That was initially introduced by Sony in the 1970�s on their best turntables, and refined on their later models, and JVC also used it on their best turntables starting in the 80�s. Denon had more models with it than the other two companies, and even lower priced models in their range used it � they called it the �Dynamic Servo Tracer�. It helps damp out resonance in the tonearm, but without the friction that most, perhaps all, other damping (eg oil damping) causes � that means that the arm is as sensitive to what�s on the record as an undamped arm, but with the advantage of damping.The tests of models with electronically damped tonearms proved that it worked very effectively � the low frequency arm/cartridge resonance is usually damped to about 3dB, whereas on most d; tonearms, the resonant peaks are between 8 and 15dB.

It helps to lower inter-modulation distortion (IMD). Turntables from the other two manufacturers with similar tonearms are the Sony PS-X600, and the JVC QL-Y5F, although they are 2f3 the top of their ranges, and would have been priced quite a bit higher than the DP-23F. There were plenty of other models from them which also used it. Thanks Don, that's great information. It seems that the tonearm not only damps resonances electronically, but applies VTF and anti-skate in the same way.I'm looking forward to mounting a decent cart and giving her a spin. DescriptionThe Denon DP-23F is a full auto turntable with integral tonearm.

SpecificationsType: Servo-controlled direct-driveSpeeds: 33 1/3 and 45rpmWow and flutter: below 0.02wrmsSignal to noise ratio: over 75dBPlatter: aluminium die-castMotor: linear driveTonearm: dynamically balanced, straight tubeAutomation: electronically controlled automatic mechanism Downloadsinstruction/owners manualservice manual - Jeepo65Please login or register a free account in the forum to download filesIf you have additional documentation please consider donating a copy to 2f free archive.NOTE To view PDF files the latest version of the official acrobat reader is required. DP-2550Denon DP-23F / DP23F owners manual, service manuals and schematics are for reference only and the Vinyl Engine bears no responsibility for errors or other inaccuracies.

The PDF files are provided under strict licence. Reproduction without prior permission or for financial gain is strictly prohibited. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Denon. Order byProductSitePriceListedBuyDenon DP-23F Stereo Turntable with Empire Cartridge Servixe Video!120 USD2016-09-22ShowDenon DP-23 FSpringAir139 EUR2016-09-21ShowGramofon Denon Direct Drive DP-23FSprzedajamy950 PLN2016-09-19ShowDenon DP-23F Quartz Dir.

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After cleaning it up and installing an Audio Technica AT440MLA it sounded fantastic (looks almost new as well, especially manuql it had 23t date code of 12/88 - manuual its 22 years old.) Anyway the tone arm is not automatically returning and the repeat function is not working. If I press the stop button, the tone arm returns flawlessly and the auto start is perfect. Any ideas on what could be causing srrvice problem and how I could fix it? I recently received the same model as a "gift" from a friend (along with his substantial LP collection).

I'm having a similar issue, manuzl with records "skipping" backwards and/or repeating the same groove on the inner grooves.

I am a tech by trade (now management) and have a service manual that I purchased on ebay and my examination and limited testing point to an electronic problem, not a mechanical one.I suspect bad electrolytic capacitors in the tonearm motor drive circuit.

That same circuit senses tonearm motion in the leadout groove for determining the end-of-record pickup points and, I believe, provides the anti-skating via the same "motor".I have posted a question on and asked Denon support their take but as of yet, received no response.

I will probably "shotgun" replace all 21 of the electrolytic capacitors on the main board and see what that does before I decide whether to buy a new TT or send this one in for repair.I'll post any results on this thread as they are received. I also posted this on the Vinyl Engine Turntable forum: ("I'm happy to report success on my Denon DP-23F turntable repair.

Electrolytic capacitor replacement was the solution.In all, there are 26 electrolytics in the turntable: 25 on the Servo Control PWB and 1 on the Motor Drive PWB.

Of the 25 on the Servo Control Serbice, 19 are polarized electrolytic and 6 are bipolar. Two of the polarized electrolytics are axial (the leads come from each end). These are the power supply filters. The rest are radial capacitors (both leads come out the same end).Interestingly, the Service Manual doesn't list the bipolars in the Parts List. There was 23t an error in the list: C24 called for a 4.7�f, 35V electrolytic capacitor.

The schematic jibes with what was actually there - a 47�f, 10V electrolytic. The two discrepancies forced me to place a second order with Digi-Key.I purchased the capacitors from Digi-Key because they have great prices and excellent stock.

There are plenty of alternative sources. Here's a link to Digi-Key Use their "keyword search" for "capacitor", then select "aluminum".

You should enter the value and voltage into the filters. You may also have to play around with other columns before getting the results down to a manageable number. Don't forget to specify "Bi-Polar" where needed. I like the Panasonic - ECG products myself; YMMV.Here's a list of the parts I bought:1 - 4040PHBK-ND - 25V 1000�f Axial1 - 4042PHBK-ND - 25V 2200�f Axial2 - P11180-ND - 47�f 10V Radial8 - P5134-ND - 10�f 16V Radial4 - P5529-ND - 100�f 16V Radial5 - P5174-ND - 1.0�f 50V Radial6 - P1196-ND - 1.0�f 50V Bi-Polar RadialThe total cost of the parts would have been less than $15, including sales tax and shipping, if I didn't have to place two orders due to Service Manual Parts List discrepancies and if I had originally specified USPS shipping, rather than UPS.I did denon dp 23f service manual to re-adjust VR5, the stylus force calibration under the platter to make the stylus force control on top accurate at 1.5g.

I probably should have completed all of the manual's adjustments but didn't want to take the time. Perhaps in the future."

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