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Advanced CAD program that helps engineers create transformers and softwafe and generate the SPICE model with the aid of a wizard for introducing basic parameters and a database with components and materials Magnetics Designer is a CAD application designed specifically for helping engineers design sooftware transformers and produce a SPICE model and schematic symbol of their final design, so sownload may use the design with schematic entry programs and analog simulators.

Plus, it offers support for a database with a large number of components and materials. User interfaceThe program adopts a clean design and implements a wizard for offering you step-by-step guidance throughout the entire design process. This approach is suitable especially for rookies as it helps them enter the appropriate data into the Magnetics Designer panel.Advanced users may skip this step and jump directly to the Magnetics Designer panel where they can configure the parameters on their own.

This window integrates a multi-tabbed layout and lets you tweak data related to core, bobbin, transformer, inductor, IsSpice, unit of measurement, vendors and wire.

Creating a new designYou can define a new design by selecting dlwnload core family, vendor and material (the available materials depend on the selected core family and vendor), opting for an inductor or transformer, and entering the number of primary and secondary windings.What�s more, you can provide details about the operating frequency, temperature rising point, values for each winding (e.g.

minimum inductance, DC current, AC current), flux swing (full osftware half tjtan, and waveform (sine or pulse).The program displays popup notifications at the end of the project informing you about possible downloae, hints and automatic corrections.

You may export data to MAG file format so you can upload it in your future editing projects or print it. Magnetics Designer featuresProfessional users may tweak the design process in detail via the Magnetics Designer panel where they can select a core, change core parameter, lock core geometry, and apply a core selection algorithm. What�s more, you can enter sector and bobbin dimensions, view the winding stacks, define bobbin geometry and show the desin fields in the winding stack.Furthermore, you can define the required input by specifying the operating frequency, average voltage, DC and AC current, save a SPICE mode, SpiceNet symbol and OrCAD or Protel symbol, alter the unit of measurement, manipulate a database magnetlc transformer manufacturers, core manufacturers, core distributors, and wire manufacturers, as well as see view graphs for different windings.

An overall reliable CAD programAll in all, Magnetics Designer integrates a comprehensive suite of features for helping engineers tltan transformers and inductors. It comes with a multitude of tweaking options so you need to save some time to get used to working the application. SYSTEM Donload 32 MB of RAM� 15 MB hard disk spaceLIMITATIONS IN Soffware UNREGISTERED VERSION� You can not add more cores to this Demo Version.� Limited to only 2 windings.� The Save function is disabled� The ability to produce summary and winding reports is disabled� The SMPS wizard for creating Forward, Push-Pull, and Bridge Buck regulators using the transformer tab is disabled 9 screenshotsbuy nowfull version LAST UPDATED ON: May 21st, 2012 CURRENT VERSION: Magnetics Designer 8.11 Build 3839 RUNS ON: Windows All FILE SIZE: 4.6 MB CATEGORY: C: Science / CAD DEVELOPER: Intusoft MagneticsDesigner is a standalone software program for Windows that designs alltypes of osftware (and sector/split bobbin) wound transformersand inductors, and downlaod a corresponding SPICE model.

Magnetics Designerproduces a complete transformer or inductor design based upon electricalspecifications, including a winding sheet report and a SPICE-compatiblemodel with parasitics. A database with thousands of cores, wide varietyof materials and wire is included, including a non-linear saturable coreSPICE model.

In addition, you can add your own cores, wire and materialinformation using a supplied Excel� spreadsheet. Core vendors suchas TDK, Magnetics, Philips, Thomson, Micrometals, Siemens, Kaschke, FerriteInternational, VAC and Fair-Rite are represented.

Further, formvar, squareor double square magnet wire, Litz wire, PCB traces, or foil can be selected.Specialized wire types like those downlod in planar magnetics can also be added.The program predicts magnetizing and leakage inductance, inter-winding capacitance,peak flux density, DC winding resistance, high frequency AC resistance (includingproximity effects and skin effect), copper loss (both AC and DC), core loss,weight, temperature rise, layer fill and window fill percentage.Typical design applications include high frequency switching regulator transformersand output chokes for off-line, full-wave and forward converters, 60 Hzsingle-phase line transformers, AC inductors, planar magnetics and 400 Hzaircraft transformers.

Virtually any single phase, layer wound inductorsor transformers that range from 10Hz to over 5MHz can titxn synthesized withMagnetics Designer.Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1,8Meg RAM xoftware Microsoft Excel is required if you want to edit or add tothe core database. A screen resolution of 800 x 600 or better is alsorequired.Download: MagneticsDesigner demo, productbrochure or application note in PDF format.A FAQ document (Frequently Asked Questions) isalso available.Latest MagneticsDesigner version: It is posted on the Magnetics Designer Supportpage.

Current users may download the file. See What'sNew.Wherewas Magnetics Designer Developed? The MagneticsDesigner software was originally developed maghetic Analytic Artistry, the leaderin the field of nonlinear magnetics design tools.

In 1995, Intusoft acquiredthe rights to the "Transformer and Inductor Spreadsheet," originallya Mabnetic program. Intusoft ported the Analytic Artistry product to Windows,added a number downpoad key enhancements and changed the name to Magnetics Designer.Power gitan designers with decades of real-world experience have validatedthe software at both companies.HowMagnetics Designer Works? The Core SelectionScreen supplies thousands of cores to cesign from.

The core databaseis yitan allowing you to add your own custom core materials, wire, andcores using a supplied Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template.To starta design, you first select the core family and material. After you enter theoperating frequency, the Core Wizard function will select the best core forthe job. You may browse through the core database and choose an alternate core,if desired.

You can lock the selected core geometry or let the program alterit during the optimization process. Finally, jagnetic electrical titan magnetic design software download suchas voltage and current per winding are entered on the Transformer screen.Initial Transformer Design ScreenOptimizationSummary ScreenResultingTransformer Screen withgeometries tried & wire suggestionsMagneticsDesigner sotware proprietary algorithms to select the appropriate core, numberof turns and wire size.

This is done to minimize total power dissipationfor a given temperature rise in the smallest possible core. The programtakes into account design constraints such as the maximum allowed windowfill, peak flux density and temperature rise.

Once finished, Magnetics Designerwill provide a summary of the cores it tried to optimize, and suggests onhow to possibly improve the design if design constraints were not met.After the fesign pass, the transformer screen lets you change any of the morethan 20 design parameters, such as number of turns; wire gauge and type;number of parallel strands; gap length; layer insulation thickness; wrapperthickness and end margin lengths.

The program will analyze your changesand immediately show the calculated results each time a parameter is altered.You can easily optimize and compare several designs using different coretypes and materials.

Once the design is complete, the winding specificationand a complete electrical performance summary can be displayed or printed.TheTransformer Design Screen provides trade off of more than diwnload differentdesign parameters.Magnetics Designer downolad flags any design constraints that are violated.SwitchMode Power Supply WizardsMagnetics Designercontains new Switch Mode Power Supply Wizards for transformer-coupledFlyback designs and Buck regulators.

Just enter the power supply specificationand Magnetics Designer computes the transformer or inductor spreadsheetentries. Necessary data includes input power supply voltage; the outputvoltage(s) and current(s) with frequency; duty ratio and ripple current.An automatic designphase synthesizes the transformer or inductor.

The user can then interactwith Magnetics Designer to perfect the design. When acceptable resultsare achieved, an IsSpice4 model is generated for use in one of the templatepower supplies. This feature is available in the demo version of the MagneticsDesigner program, which provides a limited number of windings and cores.FlybackSMPS Maggnetic SMPSWizardPower Supply TemplatesA number of workingpower supply designs have been placed in a template framework. These templatesinclude Flyback, Forward, and Push-Pull topologies.

The demo software willrun average and switching models for these pre-designed templates. The templatesaccept the IsSpice4 transformer models generated using Magnetics Designerfor cycle-by-cycle switching simulations.

The transformer parameters canbe magnetc to the "Average" models. New "Average" modelsfor Forward and Flyback work for both large and small signals with autoCCM/DCM switching, and they account for transport delay using a first orderhold and Z-transform integrator. FlybackTemplateDocumentationA detailed applicationsmanual is included with the software. It providesinformation for the engineer who wants to learn more about magnetic design.It describes the design equations and algorithms used, core materials andgeometries, plus supplies detailed examples.

Virtually all of the program'sdocumentation is available on-line.Note forPower Supply DesignersIf you're using Magnetics Designerto design magnetic devices within a design system, then check out Intusoft'sPower Supply Designer simulationoffering.TOPCopyright magneitc - 2009 Intusoft, All Rights Reserved. Magnetics Designer Demo Software: Transformer and Inductor DesignMagnetics Designer Demonstration SoftwareThe Magnetics Designer demois a softwrae featured working copy of the production software.The only difference is that the demo has a limited core database.

Want to find out more aboutthe Magnetics Designer Program before downloading the demo?Download the MagneticsDesigner demo. Product information (color brochure), anapplication note, and a FAQdocument (Frequently Asked Questions) are also available. The brochure andapplication note mavnetic in Adobe Acrobatpdf files.TOP(C) Intusoft 1996-1999,All Rights Reserved. The tool allows application-related parameters to be calculated for all available EPCOS ferrites and provides access to their digitized material data including their graphical representation.

The tool can now be run manetic Windows 7, in addition to Windows XP and Vista. ?Comments must be in English, titan magnetic design software download must not contain advertisements,profanities, or links to third-party resources.

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CADIT, Version 4.22. Analysis, Version 4.23. Flyback, Version 4.24. Specialty, Version 4.25. Specialty II. Version 4.26. Specialty III, Version 4.27. Specialty IV, Version 4.28. Core Conversion, Softwaee 4.2Also included are:9. Instruction Book, pdf.10. Seventeen Application Notes, desgn. Lecture Presentation 2010 / Two Day Seminar, pdf.At the low price of $89.00 plus tax (California)Handling and Shipping, USA $10.00Titan Software Menu Examples To order:Cost: $89.95 - Includes ALL modulesAttention: 8.00% Sales Tax will be added to all purchases in California.Shipping: United States, $10.00 Outside U.S., gitan Returns AcceptedDisk contains:1.

Titan Magnetics Design Program2. Instruction Book, pdf3. Seventeen Application Notes, pdf4. Lecture Presentation 2014 / Two Day Seminar, pdf5. EMCWA Articles- PAYPAL tiitan SALES-WITHIN THE USA SALES-INTERNATIONAL SALES- HomeVisit PowerEsimTermsMagnetic Builder (Magnetic Design Software, Inductor and Transformer design tool)PowerEsim is a free web-based software providing power supply (SMPS) design, transformer design, magnetic design, loss analysis, thermal analysis, waveform analysis, MTBF analysis, BOM building, DVT analysis and optimization of power supply (SMPS).Click to try PowerEsim ( is magnetic builder (Inductor and Transformer design tool)?

Top Click here to try Online Magnetics Builder (design tool) nowMagnetic Builder is a useful magnetic design software. It is a tool for user to create his/her own magnetic component (inductor and transformer) by selecting different ferrite core, bobbin type and dowlnoad method. Engineering drawing will be automatically produced to reduce user work load.All the mganetic and inductor built can be saved and reused onto a power supply, as long as the winding number are matched.Inductor/Transfomer are necessary parts of switching power supply circuits.The Advantages of Using TransformersTransformers used with the three basic topologies offer certain advantages over the simple circuits introduced in the previous section.

Namely:� They provide isolation between input supply and output DC lines, and between one DC output line and another.� Suitable choice of turns ratio can ensure that near optimum duty cycle is used, even when input and output voltages are widely different.� The buck, boost and flyback topologies provide outputs which are, respectively, lower, higher, or polarity reversed versions of the input supply.

A transformer/inductor can effectively remove all these inherent constraints, and, by so doing, enable any special topological property to be taken advantage of, if downlaod A single regulator system can produce more than one separate DC output line by using a number of secondary windings. Reference Software: Simple calculator to calculate coils of Transformer and Inductor Download PFC Design Tool from Metglas Output Inductor Design Tool from Metglas Online Inductor Design Calculator Test Online Current Dowlnoad Design Software Reference Tutorial Inductor and Flyback Transformer Design [PDF] Inductor Design Procedure[PPT] Filter Inductor Design Procedure[PPT]Index:� What is magnetic builder (Inductor and Transformer design tool)?� Maynetic a new transformer� Add number of primary and secondary winding� Add Bifilar� Flux Band� Add Primary / Secondary Winding� Faraday Shield� Add a transformer/inductor to the design� Make split winding or parallel winding� Customize the winding order� Adjust number of turns for each winding� Select the wire used for each winding� Every change can affect the total loss� Every change can affect transformer/inductor loss� Some change can affect the Peak Flux� Putting transformers in parallel / series� Changing the transformer/inductor inductance� Select different core shape and manufacturer� Select different core material� Overall bobbin thickness can be adjusted� Adjust the overall creepage tape width� Adjust the Overall winding indent� Adjust the Overall Multi-Layer Winding setting� Change the No.

of donload in parallel� Adjust the overall wire used in all winding� How to change the Winding Wizard option?� Change bobbin thickness on each side� Configure the bobbin winding window dimension� How to change the winding layer usage?� Bobbin with split walls� Configure number of split walls� Configure the thickness of split walls� Configure the thickness of each partition� Configure tape characteristic in each winding� Configure the tape thickness of each winding� Configure the softwar of layer in each winding� Configure the tape type used in each winding� Configure the dot sign of each winding� Define the winding start position of each winding� Configure the winding indent of each winding� Configure the characteristic of multi-layer winding of each winding� Creepage magetic Creepage width of each winding� Change the number magnetiic turns of each split winding� Locate the winding in slftware bobbin partition� Generate Transformer/Inductor Drawing� Designed parameters of a transformer/inductor� Change the testing details of Transformer/Inductor Drawing� Different type of bobbin can be selected� Change the number of pins of bobbin� Add/ delete fly pins� Configure details of fly pins� Define the termination pins of a winding� Preview the Transformer/Inductor drawing pageCreate a new transformer/inductor Top Click here deaign try Online Magnetics Builder (design tool) nowClick �Magnetic Builder� a �Number of Windings� page appear for user to first defining the number of primary winding and number of secondary winding.

Add number of primary and secondary winding Top Click here to try Online Magnetics Builder (design tool) nowThe number of primary winding and number of secondary winding can be change. The default value is one.Add Bifilar Top Click here to try Online Magnetics Builder (design tool) now� Move cursor to the winding� The winding will turn RED� Click on the winding and you can see the picture as below� Winding with the same number of turn will be shown and can be selected for sofftware Band Top Click here to try Online Magnetics Builder (design tool) nowClick the button �Flux Band�Two type of flux band are supported.

Click the checkbox to add the flux band.After clicked the checkbox, the core with the flux band can be preview. The Flux band thickness and width can be set.

Add Primary / Secondary Winding Top Click here to try Online Magnetics Builder (design tool) nowExtra Winding can be added by clicking �Add Pri Wdg� or �Add Sec Wdg.� The usage of this feature is recommended for non-operating winding only.

User is recommended to preset the proper winding number at the �Number of Windings� page.Faraday Shield Top Click here to try Online Magnetics Builder (design tool) nowThe user can change a particular winding to Faraday Shield. Only extra windings can be changed to Faraday Shield. Add a transformer/inductor to the design Top Click here to try Gitan Magnetics Builder (design tool) nowAfter creating a new transformer/inductor, you can add it to the design by pressing �Add Component�.When the transformer/inductor is added, the message with transformer's designator is shown.Make split winding or parallel winding Top Click here to try Online Magnetics Builder (design tool) nowUser can �Split� a maynetic to several section by choosing from �No.

of windings� or Parallel Winding in any winding for sandwiching winding method. Customize the winding order Top Click here to try Online Magnetics Builder (design tool) nowThe winding order can be changed by the list box. W1 means the most inner layer. Adjust number of turns for each winding Top Click here to try Online Magnetics Builder (design fesign nowThe number of turns for each winding is shown in the blue button. You can press this button to modify the number of turns.Select the wire used for each winding Top Click here to try Online Magnetics Builder (design tool) nowThe wire information for each winding is shown in the blue button.

It shows the Wire name and the number of parallel wires. You can press this button to modify it. Every change can affect the total loss Top Click here to try Online Magnetics Builder (design tool) nowThe �Total Loss� means the overall losses of the power supply and is shown at the top of the interface and will be automatically updated doownload any changed in transformer design.

Every change can affect transformer/inductor loss Top Click here to try Online Magnetics Builder (design tool) nowThe �Transformer Loss� means the losses of dwonload whole transformer and is shown at the top of gitan interface and will be automatically updated for any changed in transformer design. Some change can affect the Peak Flux Top Click here to try Online Magnetics Builder (design sotfware nowThe �Bm� means tltan peak flux density of the transformer and is shown at the top softwarw the interface and will be automatically updated for an

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